Congratulations – winners


Our readers have done their part by voting you the best. Now it’s time for you to cross the finish line and champion your win. 

You Did It!

Congratulations, Best Of winners! It’s time to celebrate and thank the voters—your customers.

Three steps to share your news with the world!

Step 1: Thank everyone for their support!

  1. Remember your customers and our readers who voted for you.
    • Announce your win using Instagram posts and stories.
    • Download the Winners Instagram Toolkit – It provides tips to make it easy to promote your win through Instagram posts and stories.
  1. Share your Instagram stories and posts on Facebook.
  2. Post a video or go LIVE to reveal your win – always fun and engaging!
  3. Send an email announcement to your client base.

Step 2: Add the Best Of logos to your marketing materials and website.

Click on the links to download the Best Of Gold Coast and Best Of Town winning logos.

 By downloading the logo, you agree to use only the ones that match your win (Gold Coast or town) and always include a link back to Moffly (


Step 3: Order promotional materials – Winner Plaques, clings and more

Get your official winner promotional materials —plaques, counter cards, window clings and banners—which are up to the high standard Best Of winners expect. Choose the one that matches your win.

Genuine, beautiful and built to last — these are the authentic Best Of-authorized plaques — choose between acrylic and wood with gold edge.

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