Yes, I’m Stress Eating

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As scary a time this is, it brings about an incredible opportunity to slow things down, catch up on sleep, manage stressors, and reconnect with the people you love.

Now, let’s be real for a second. Being out of routine and working from home (which many of us are now doing) brings about its own challenges.

After all, you may find your cabinets are now stocked full of goodies that you normally wouldn’t buy mostly because they are nonperishable or because the kids are home, etc.

Here’s my advice:

????? ?? ? ???????? ??? ???? ? ???????: Yes, maybe you have some flexibility to sleep in a little later, but try having breakfast at the same time you normally do, sit at your desk and work the same time you normally do, have lunch the same time you normally do.

???? ????: Even if work is a little slow, this is such a great opportunity to work on projects you’ve been putting off. Reorganize that closet. Declutter that playroom. Otherwise, read books, watch movies, play games with your family, take that relaxing bath you’ve been putting off because you “never have time.”

???????? ???? ??????: When I’m in my normal work routine, I know I always snack at 10:30 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm. Replicate that same routine so that you’re not skipping meals and just snacking all day.

Never eat directly out of the container: If you want something, take out a plate and portion a serving size onto it. Otherwise, you’ll find that by the time you look down, half the bag is empty and you’re full of regret.

Eat mindfully: It’s great that you’re catching up on shows but if you’re eating something for the enjoyment of it, you should actually probably enjoy it instead of worrying what happens next on “Love is Blind.” Remove distractions, slow down, and actually taste what you’re eating.

D??’? ??????? ?????? ??? ??????: Drink plenty of water so you’re eating because you’re actually hungry, not just thirsty or bored. Ideally, you should be getting half your bodyweight plus 15 ounces of water per day.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Georgette Yacoub is the founder of Fuel Your Fitness, a team of online nutrition coaches dedicated to teaching you how to eat for your goals without giving up the foods you love. (;

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