4 Mobile Stress-Releasers

You need a break. Even if you can’t get away, you can escape in a moment’s notice, thanks to creative stressbusters online.

Here are 4 we check out regularly to re-set and refresh.

1. Window Swap (window-swap.com): Ever just want to get away for a minute? Here’s your chance to gather your thoughts by lingering your gaze out of the window. But instead of your same old view, you can transport yourself to other places around the world via your web browswer. At this site, people share their window views—no talking, no people, just the morning train going by outside an apartment window in Tokyo or the lavender swaying in the breeze in France. It’s random and surprisingly relaxing to gaze out of a window again. You can even share your unique view, too.

2. Yo-Yo Ma Songs of Comfort and Hope (https://yoyoma.lnk.to/songsofcomfortandhope): Take us at our most frazzled—irritated, annoyed, touchy—and put us in front of a clip of Yo-Yo Ma playing, and we’re instantly kittens. He tames the wild beast. Part of it is the selection of music he chooses to play, such as Bach’s Prelude from Suite No. 2, which is perfect for these stressful times. But it’s also just him, sitting on a chair in his studio, being him. It’s like a private performance for a friend. More—it’s like a therapy session without words. He offers a musical antidote or musical commentary to world events, and sometimes friends join him.

3. The Dodo (thedodo.com): You can catch clips on Twitter, YouTube or online. These are short three- to five-minutes stories about animals. The story is pleasingly consistent: rough start, happy ending. It leaves you feeling the best about people, because of the rescuers’ work. The stories from all around the world, and the quality of the videos varies, but they always grab you by the heart. Next time you’re thumb-strolling Twitter and getting bummed out, you could stumble on a Dodo story about an orphaned kitten or a mama dog out in the cold. These stories remind us about people everywhere who care and help as well as the connection among all living things.

4. Head to the Guggenheim or the Musée d’Orsay in Paris: Take a trip from home by using the magic of virtual tours. Look for your favorite museum to see if they offer virtual tours or live-streaming. And check out Google Arts & Culture for guided tours of exhibits, immersive gallery experiences and more. We’d tell you more, but we’re going on a 360-degree diving tour (virtually, of course).

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