5 designers come home

If you were glued to every fashion site and entertainment show during New York’s Fashion Week, we’ve got a great way for you to get even more from your favorite designers. Incorporate their colorful, bold and avant-garde style into your home décor. Who knew your living room could make you “ooh” and “ahh” as much as those styles coming down the runway? Here we take a peek at some of the world’s biggest designers’ spring home collections.

Giorgio Armani
One word will always be associated with Georgio Armani: classic. Famous for clean lines, a little bit of mystery, and a variety sleek, chic looks, Armani’s timeless look translates to his interior design collections. The Armani/Casa product line has a minimalist aesthetic, with just enough color, texture and pattern to attract the eye without being overstated. His catalogue includes everything from desks and chairs to rugs, lighting and upholstery.


Calvin Klein
The Calvin Klein label is a staple in just as many bedrooms as it is closets. Spruce up for spring with new sheets, duvets and pillows. Though the line includes pops of color, the subtle neutral tones have a zen-like appeal.


Diane von Furstenberg
Celebrated fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg ventured into home decor by launching a line of fabric. You’ll find bold, unexpected color combinations, romantic and feminine prints, geometric designs as well as florals and stripes. Incorporate Furstenberg’s playful patterns into your home decor on couches, curtains, throw pillows, quilts and more.


Christian Lacroix
Lacroix is no stranger to making a statement on the runway, but now his unforgettable designs have debuted through his home line. His décor of Hotel Le Notre-Dame in Paris highlights the master’s ability to combine breathtaking patterns to surprise visitors while still creating an exquisite environment. His home decor collection Art de Vivre translates well and includes a furniture line with bold colors and patterns, paper crafts and stationery for parties and lifestyle management, as well as fabrics for throw pillows and table linens.


Kate Spade
While famous for her elegant handbag collection, Kate Spade also designs accessories like planners, journals, phone cases, umbrellas and shoes. She seems to have gotten the memo that we can’t get enough of her, because she recently launched Kate Spade New York Home Collection. It channels the quirkiness of her accessories and her fun and unexpected colors, like a blue cotton-candy-colored sofa. Her decor brings a youthful and refreshing aesthetic to any room, and her collection encompasses everything from furniture to rugs, linens, lamps, dishes and stationery.

About the author: Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children and works as an editor for Modernize. In addition to regularly contributing to home remodeling and design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker and About.com.

Photographs courtesy of designers



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