A Truck Load of Fashion

The food-truck business has officially maxed out. We have satiated our cravings for mobile crepes and coffee. We are ready to get back to our real passion: clothes. Now Greenwich’s fashion set can shop on the go for tees, tanks, blouses, skirts, cuffs and bracelets, dresses and clutches for women and shirts, leggings, cardis and handbags for emerging style influencers (that is, young girls sizes 4 to 16). Step up and into the mobile truck Jolie Gotique to check out its selection of contemporary fashion and accessories by local and international designers.

The brainstorm for this mobile-shopping station belongs to Penny Goffman. She came of age in fashion-forward Montreal, where she was “inspired by European trends and a father who owned his own fashion line.” After becoming a parent, Penny decided to start her own business and discovered that she was inspiring her daughter, Jolie, to pursue her own dream. In recognition, the new “gotique” was named after her sweet-and-stylish advisor. Jolie models some of the clothes and weighs in about must-have picks for tweens.

The mother of two notes, “I’m teaching my children one of life’s most important lessons: Reach for the stars, because you can do anything you put your mind to. That’s what being a mompreneur is all about!”


Put the coffee down; you have some serious shopping to do!

Here, Penny’s style mantras for fall:

#1: Add a layer! “Put on your favorite sleeveless top and pair it with a faux fur vest for extra warmth.”

#2: Booties! “Love those black shorts? Wear them with suede booties instead of sandals.”

#3: Florals are for fall! “Pair your favorite floral dress with a black blazer for a complete fall look.”

Jolie Gotique can be found on Greenwich Avenue, at fundraisers and for special events. See more at www.joliegotique.com.



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