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Time to pick up those books you’ve been meaning to read. It’s also a chance to meet authors. Here are two author events coming to Greenwich, coordinated with the help of Diane’s Books on Grigg Street.

June 3rd, 7 P.M., AuthorsLive@GreenwichLibrary and Diane’s Books present Laura Dave in conversation with Jonathan Tropper, author of This Is Where I Leave You

June 23rd, 7 P.M. AuthorsLive@GreenwichLibrary and JCC Greenwich present an evening with legendary author Judy Blume

Owner Diane Garrett calls Greenwich “a town of readers.” Her shop, now open twenty-five years, is thriving even as others disappear. She attributes her success to “[putting] the right book in the customer’s hands every time” and her four Cs: compassion, community service, curiosity and communication.

Perhaps customers return because Diane mails out 7,000 newsletters every quarter and has maintained a website for nearly twenty years; she also doesn’t pay attention to the bestseller lists. “I don’t care what’s on there. I sell what I love, what I think is wonderful writing,” she says.

She concludes by adding, “There’s always a book for somebody, whether you’re two weeks old or ninety years old.”

Regardless of age, genre or reading level, Diane Garrett has us covered.


Diane’s New Release Recommendations

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee: “There’s no question about this book inciting a feeding frenzy. No one has read it yet. I won’t have anything to read before, so I’ll be right at the gate with everyone else.”

The Wright Brothers by David McCullough: “He’s one of our most esteemed historians. It’s a beautiful thing to have a new David McCullough book. It’s an event in his country to have a new, wonderful piece of history from David. No one’s written about [The Wright Brothers] for a long time, so we’re excited about that.”

Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams: “She tells a fabulous story. I just know every woman is going to be happy to have it in her beach bag this summer. Whether you’re twenty-five or ninety-five, you’re going to love Tiny Little Thing. And she lives in Greenwich! She paints characters that you just fall right in love with.”

One Mile Under by Andrew Gross: “He started writing with James Patterson, but he’s been writing on his own now for [a while]. He’s a thriller writer and he’s written a fabulous one. I really think everybody should read it this summer because it’s about fracking and water, our most precious commodity. He’s done a hell of a job, and he cares about his characters, he cares about his writing.”

Chizi’s Tale by Jack Jones: “Paul Tudor Jones’ son Jack—he’s a senior at the Brunswick School—wrote a [children’s] book about the endangered rhinos on Africa. Here’s a senior at Brunswick and he wrote this book, [a true story], about these endangered rhinos. I mean, how good is that? It’s great.”


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