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If your summer plans call for plenty of vacation time without any packing headaches, these It bags should be on the itinerary. When Kelly Corroon, a world traveler who has worked for Ralph Lauren and Chanel, searched for the perfect luggage, she couldn’t find quite the right bags so she created her own line. Here, she shares thoughts on organizing for travel and making the most of your next trip.

We moved to Greenwich two years ago from Hong Kong. We love the diversity of the people, the proximity to New York City and the beauty of the area. I have lots of cousins and friends who
grew up here.

I grew up with a steady diet of stories and photos of the Corroon family traveling in the ’30s and ’40s, and I have always loved to travel. As we raised our three kids in London and Hong Kong over the last decade, we were able to indulge this passion. All the bags
I had during this time seemed to fall short in some way. I saw a gap in the market for things that had a sense of personality and style but didn’t cost a fortune. My background was in marketing, but I knew nothing about design or production, so it has been a learning-on-the-fly type of endeavor.

Around the world: Kelly in India, and with her family in Namibia

We focus on weight, functionality and color. It’s frustrating to have a bag that’s heavy before you even put a sock in it, so we sourced very lightweight canvas from England that’s also water- and stain-resistant. All our women’s totes have a snap-out clutch that functions as an extra pocket when you travel and then as a smaller purse for nights out on the town. We pair unusual color combinations so that the bags feel fresh. Each bag is named for a place or a travel experience, and researching these names is part of my ritual in any international destination. It drives my kids crazy!

The Big Daddy, named for the highest sand dune in Namibia, is the workhorse in the collection. We have a great collaboration with Veronica Beard in New York doing hand-painted monograms, which has given it a fun edge.

Whenever possible I try to use travel agents that only specialize in the region I plan to travel. Local knowledge is the best way to get off the beaten tourist track. I always bring my running shoes and get the lay of the land in the early morning so I’m oriented before the day begins.

From weekenders to suitcases to men’s dopp kits, there’s a Corroon bag for you.

I plan my onboard bag with meticulous precision, which means lots of smaller, purpose-specific bags inside to stay organized. I pack a few of our nylon Sungkay bags: one for chargers; one for glasses, hand cream, lip balm. And I never travel without a toothbrush! I always bring an oversized cashmere wrap. In fact, we’re launching our own collection with Andraab, a well-loved resource from Jaipur, as we expand into the whole travel-lifestyle category.

Tops on your bucket list? That’s so hard! We took a family trip to Namibia and Botswana last summer, and their raw beauty took my breath away. I also loved the sensory overload of India. Feeding the monks in Laos with my children at dawn was another unforgettable experience. This summer I am doing a fly-fishing trip to Iceland with one of my daughters. Next up for me are Russia and Ethiopia.



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