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Photograph by Ezequiel de la Rosa
Above: Carol Alt

Think a cute pair of wedges can’t also be comfy? Supermodel Carol Alt wants you to know it’s possible, with Cat Perkins Shoes. The brand, cofounded by locals Catherine Levene and Deb Perkins, have been introducing the shoes at local pop-up shops, though the brand is also available online and through private events. It even caught the eye of Alt, who came aboard as director of strategic communications and creative advisor. The shoes are comfortable, thanks to a specifically designed base, and fashionable, thanks to interchangeable uppers. The versatility makes packing for travel a breeze—good thing, as this on-the-go team seems ready to take on the world. Here’s what Carol Alt shared with Fairfield Living magazine.


FLM: What made you want to get involved with Cat Perkins Shoes?
Carol Alt: “
I think just the creativity of the line spoke to my entrepreneurial spirit and my creative soul. It’s also the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I’m also fed up with shoes costing $1,800 and $2,000. I love the fact that the price of the shoe actually goes down with each top you buy. It amortizes over the number of shoe tops you buy, so it makes it more affordable. These things are so important in fashion: looks, comfort, ease of travel and affordability. I can wear one pair and put ten tops in my bag and I have eleven shoes with me that literally take up eight inches of space in my suitcase. It still blows my mind.”

What are some of your responsibilities as Director of Strategic Communications and Creative Advisor
“My job is to make people aware that we exist! We are a brand-new shoe line. We literally launched our website in January 2017. The shoe space is very crowded, but there’s nobody like us and it’s important to get that point out… how different we are in so many respects. That is my job. Also, I will be creating a line of Cat Perkins shoes under my name as well.”

You’ve expressed many different talents through modeling, acting, writing and being an entrepreneur. Of all these different paths, which has been your favorite?

I think all the different hats I’ve worn throughout my career have all been exactly what I wanted to do in the moment I was doing them. In other words, when I was modeling, there was nothing else in the world I wanted to do but model. And then when I went on to act, I didn’t want to go back and be a model; I really liked being an actor. When I started writing books, I was passionate about raw food and helping people be healthy. I think in the moment I was doing these things, it was kind of where I needed to be to go on to the next step of my career. I know my career has been very eclectic, but I love what I’m doing and I have so many diverse interests. This business has allowed me to explore all those parts of me. And all these hobbies, somehow all those passions, have allowed me to make a living. I’m so grateful.”


Which Cat Perkins shoe is your go-to?

“I have two go-to CP shoes right now: the Fringe with the white base and the blue slip on with the white base.”
What’s the next step for Cat Perkins Shoes?
“We have so much potential! We can make a sneaker, a boot, a flat, men’s shoes or children’s shoes. Imagine wearing a shoe out as a kid and just having to buy a top and change it. And that new top being less than a third of the price of the whole shoe. How economical—but having it be stylish and comfortable as well! And being able to bring ten pairs of sneakers with you when you travel, and they fit in a small space in your suitcase. You won’t hear your parents saying you can’t bring all those sneakers. Anyway, we don’t have sneakers right now, but you get the analogy! This shoe line has the world at its feet—pun intended.”

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