Fit for a Queen

Dozens of health studies point to what we all know instinctively—there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. When your mattress has seen better days, the search for a new one can be daunting. This is not a quick browse-online-and-click purchase. You need to go in person and allow time to lie down; experts say you’ll know the right fit when you feel it. You prefer soft, he likes firm? Several brands offer customized mattresses. People are giving more thought to the materials they’re sleeping on, so they’re also shopping for organic or green mattresses that meet the national flame retardant standards without the use of chemicals. Fortunately, there are three top bedroom retailers on the Post Road that specialize in high-end and green.

1. The Clean Bedroom
79 E. Putnam Ave, 203-292-9275
This is ten-year-old company caters to those who want organic, chemical-free bedding, mattresses and bedroom furniture. To meet the required flammability standards, many mattresses here are made of latex and covered in wool, materials naturally resistant to fire and dust mites. If you opt for a latex mattress, keep in mind you’ll need a slatted wood platform bed underneath to allow the material to breathe. The retailer also sells organic innerspring mattresses, such as Royal Pedic, that can be paired with latex toppers.

The place to go for 100-percent organic, the store is popular with those who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities or anyone living green.

Oyasumi Dream, a certified-organic latex mattress that can be customized by choosing medium or firm latex cores. Partners select the materials for their side of the bed. $4,699 for king. The OMI OrganicPedic Duo and the Green Sleep Ergo Dolcessa are also popular models.

2. Duxiana
15 W. Putnam Ave, 203-661-7162
With twenty-five years in town and eighty-eight years in business, this Swedish company produces beds designed to provide the ideal sleep posture, especially for side sleepers. The beds are all Oeko-Tek certified, a European standard that ensures they are free of toxins and harmful substances.

A patented continuous-coil system that delivers layers of fine-gauge steel, nearly twice as many springs as standard mattresses, to reduce pressure points is paired with Swedish pine frames. One independent university study in Sweden found that those sleeping on Dux beds experienced up to 10 percent more deep sleep than those on other innerspring mattresses.

The DUX 515 has comfort zones on either side of the bed; you can configure your bed to have soft, medium or firm zones from head-to-toe, creating the right settings for shoulders, lower back and legs for each partner. A cotton-covered latex top pad adds extra cushioning. $10,990.
Fit for a Queen

3. Hästens
23 E. Putnam Ave, 203-629-8022
Handmade in Sweden since 1852, Hästens custom beds are crafted from natural materials: hypoallergenic horsehair (“nature’s air-conditioning and climate regulator”), organic flax, sustainable Swedish pine, and premium cotton and, unlike others, no latex. The beds are all Oeko-Tek certified. You can nap on one of these luxurious mattresses at the Greenwich showroom, but for a full night’s test-drive, check in to the Four Seasons in New York or The Maidstone in East Hampton.

Mattresses have springs encased in individual fabric pockets, and the beds come with 25-year warranties, all of which add up to comfort and durability that devotees say are worth the lofty prices. The ubiquitous blue-and-white checked mattresses are something of a status symbol featured in top design publications and exclusive hotels.

The 2000T model, one of the most luxurious, is a thick, multilayered bed that includes two spring systems on top of a base spring level with several layers of cotton, wool and horsetail hair in between; $38,000. The Marquis, the company’s entry-level bed, starts at $7,000.



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