Lasting Love Affair

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.”

—George Eliot

It’s June. The heart of engagement season. The girl’s-best-friend of gems is on the minds of lovebirds. But diamonds are mesmerizing jewels, no matter what the occasion (or just-fun splurge), whether proudly displayed in a solitaire engagement ring, paired with an emerald in an Oscar Heyman pendant necklace, or circling an exquisitely refined Mattia Cielo tennis bracelet. There is much to learn about diamonds beyond the 4 Cs, and there’s a rainbow of unexpected colors to explore.

When the Mitchell family added fine jewelry to its offerings at Richards and Mitchells over fifteen years ago, Scott Mitchell became intrigued. “I got my certification as a gemologist from GIA [Gemology Institute of America], and I’ve been studying gems non-stop ever since,” says Mitchell, VP of Sales at Richards. “I spend half my day on jewelry.” Mitchell enjoys helping customers find just the right birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, not to mention custom-made engagement rings for the younger set, which “are not what mom or grandma wore.”

For anyone shopping for an interesting piece of jewelry, Mitchell notes, “I’m seeing a lot of color in diamonds right now, from pink diamonds that can be four to five times as expensive as white ones, to blue diamonds that can be ten times the price of pink, to the industrial diamonds: black, brown, champagne. Black diamonds are pure carbon and give you beautiful color at a fraction of the price of white diamonds.”

Mitchell relishes the relationships he has developed with jewelry designers and is on a first-name basis with most. “The designers we carry really run the gamut, from very classic to very far out there.” Several chimed in on diamond trends.

“I am working with a very cool new group of gray rose-cut diamonds,” comments Caroline Ellen. “They are quite translucent, with charcoal colored flecks, so they have the brightness of a whiter diamond and yet the interest of an organic shaped gray or black diamond. They look beautiful on a station chain necklace, and as earring and stacking rings. Even dark gray or black diamonds glitter like no other stone. The sparkle of a diamond is incomparable.” For the tried and true, she suggests: “Classic pavé diamond pieces, such as my disk earrings or pendants—using all top-quality diamonds—are always in style, and they feel like a new take on a solitaire.”

Aaron Henry notes that the exciting news this season in diamonds is “greater access to excellent cuts in all sizes, especially melee [calibrated smaller stones].” Henry also mentions “traditional pavé, as well as single row pavé” as classic styles that are enduring.

Not looking to give diamonds the biggest voice in your jewelry statement? That’s just fine; diamonds play a splendid supporting role. “A magnificent ruby or emerald ring goes wanting without diamonds on the sides or surrounding the colored gemstones in the center,” says Adam Heyman of the House of Oscar Heyman. “And the various colored diamonds, such as the bold and rich yellow canary diamonds, are often a great complement to the rich green color of a Colombian emerald or the red tones of a Burma ruby.”

As if brilliance and beauty weren’t enough, Aaron Henry adds one more solid reason to invest in diamonds: “The word diamond comes from the Greek word ‘Adamas,’ which means indestructible or invincible.”

Upcoming Jewelry Trunk Shows


6/20 — Assael and Nam Cho

7/24 — Narcisco Rodriquez


6/20 — Dana Kellin and Caroline Ellen (trunk show and personal appearance)

6/27 — James Banks (trunk show and personal appearance); Temple St. Clair

7/17-18 — Lori Ann
7/18 — James Bank
7/25 — Paul Morelli; Temple St. Clair

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Oscar Heyman platinum emerald and diamond pendant (call for price)


Mattia Cielo white gold diamond coil tennis bracelet, $9,500


Caroline Ellen yellow gold gray diamond dangle earrings, $9,700


Aaron Henry white gold olive branch coil diamond ring, $3,100


Lori Ann black & white moonstone diamond swirl earrings, $2,775


Custom pieces by Oscar Heyman

Scott Mitchell, a certified gemologist


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