Life in Color

It feels like the efficiency experts are out to get me. Every day, there are new time-saving life hacks, apps to track productivity, calendars optimized to take advantage of every 30-minute window. I know AI will soon be on my case, making suggestions to maximize my workflow. But I’m not interested in hearing that. In writing about our latest Getaway (p. 20), I discovered that there’s a name for the existence that I aspire to. The Fifth Avenue Hotel—a new NoMad destination that feels like old New York—caters to those with the spirit of the flâneur; a lounger, a curious wanderer, an observer for whom time moves slow. Give me the hotel robe, give me the glamorous dining room (perfect for people-watching) with coordinating dress code, give me the martini butler at 5 o’clock. I know I could really master this lifestyle.

And I have a strong suspicion that all the homeowners in this issue embody that flâneur spirit as well. These are not people who are worried about minutiae. They are living colorfully, and they have the matching homes to prove it. There are the musicians in Greenwich who called on husband-and-wife partners Studio DB to transform their traditional living and dining room setup into a flexible entertaining space (p. 36). Benjamin Moore’s Bali covers the dramatic double-height room, creating a bold backdrop for both family gatherings and impromptu performances with friends. Laura Tutun already knew her clients were going to be game for splashes of color in their pool house (p. 40). After tackling their main house, complete with blue butler’s pantry, she came back to create a summer retreat that the family loves, regardless of the season. Back in Greenwich, a wise family put their trust in the capable hands of Amy Aidinis Hirsch and Doron Sabag of SBP Homes (p. 46). The pair—who finish each other’s sentences and tag the same slabs at the stone yard—understand what it takes to deliver a beautiful house. And these pros don’t play it safe. They know that the best payoff comes from taking the big design risks, pushing for the turquoise rug, the graphic mural wallcovering, the sculptural statement staircase. Finally, our last tour is courtesy of another dream team (p. 62). Both Doug VanderHorn of VanderHorn Architects and Stephanie Woodmansee of Henry & Co. were recruited to do what they do best. For VanderHorn, it was designing a brand-new Colonial Revival home that fits right in with the neighboring historical homes. And for Woodmansee, it was covering those classic interior walls in Gucci and Gracie, among other visual delights. Her work in the powder rooms—like the unabashedly feminine one on our cover—is reason alone to see this home.

Before I can get back to full-time flâneuring, I do need to remind you that our deadline for A-List Awards entries is May 31st. The event is always fabulous fun, and I encourage you to check out to see if you’re eligible. Even if we’re not serving martinis, I’ll be dressed up and ready to raise a glass to another year of winning design.




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