New Canaan-Based LymeLabs Creates Immune Support for Lyme Disease Patients

Lyme disease affects more than 476,000 Americans annually, with thousands of cases left undiagnosed and unreported. While disease severity and symptoms vary from person to person, early diagnosis and treatment are vital in preventing long-lasting health problems. Margaret Wenzel, PhD, and co-owner of New Canaan Healthfare, has spent years researching tick-borne infections and recently launched LymeLabs, a line of immune-centric formulations aimed at supporting individuals being treated for Lyme and the co-infections that often come with it.

Wentzel began researching this topic when her daughter was stricken with seven tick-borne infections. She found that there was a staggering amount of misinformation about this public health crisis and, through endless hours of research, discovered that we could better position ourselves by focusing on chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections. “The goal is to strengthen the body’s innate ability to clear infections through supporting detoxification pathways, relinquishing the burden to an already overwhelmed immune system, and thereby minimizing one’s susceptibility to what can become chronic and virulent infections,” Wenzel explains. She adds that addressing co-morbid risk factors and dietary deficiencies has been shown to decrease the likelihood of antibiotic-resistant infections. “Just as we till the soil or prepare the field for a fruitful yield, this same concept can be applied to the reasoning behind the LymeLabs immune-supportive supplements,” she says.

When treating Lyme, Wenzel stresses the importance of finding an expert practitioner with the refined and incisive skills needed to eradicate these infections and to follow those same guidelines when choosing supplements.

“Just as we receive our pharmaceuticals through health experts, this same rule should apply when seeking the highest-quality and effective nutritional supplementation,” she says. “Indiscriminately purchasing a product online that we are to consume is frightening! It is critical to know from where you are purchasing anything that will be ingested.”

Wenzel says that while these formulas were created to add an additional layer of support to those being treated and healing from the vast array of tickborne infections, they can also be beneficial to anyone seeking to bolster their vitamin D or vitamin B12 levels.

For more information visit or New Canaan Healthfare, 2 Morse Court, New Canaan

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