“Mining an Asteroid” Short Film Screening

Above: Front Row: Natalia Mann, Matthew Bukzin Middle Row: Colin Konstanty, Chloe Manna, Rachel Pyne, Dereje Tarrant, Max Cooper Back Row: Abby Kleiner, Ellery Bodell, Ryan Porio, Sam Mandelbaum, Julia Mandelbaum, Maddy Edwards, Sophie Rossman, Jamie Mann, Justin Dusenbury, Arianna Pooya, Lauren Lakra, Megan Kleiner

On December 16, Triple Threat Academy for Performing Artists premiered the film from their first annual summer film camp at BowTie Cinemas.. “Mining an Asteroid” starred areas teens, who easily could be mistaken for a Hollywood cast on the big screen. At two separate screenings, the level of acting and professional quality of the film impressed a packed house, including Triple Threat founder and acclaimed actress Cynthia Gibb.

“One of our goals at Triple Threat Academy is to train performers who can make their living doing what they love,” says Gibb, who has been doing just that since she was a teen (Fame, Gypsy, The Karen Carpenter Story, Youngblood…). “Essential to that is being versatile, so this film camp was an opportunity to learn acting for the screen as well as the entire production process.”

The students involved assisted a professional production team and also worked alongside screenwriters from New York to craft the script, which explored an array of issues teens face from dating and gender identity to gun violence and divorce. There were heavy moments but also several hysterically funny dream sequences.

Brian Carter, who teaches acting classes for kids through adults at Triple Threat and is also a professional actor, directed the film. Producer Jodi Schoenbrun Carter sees a future on the film fest circuit for this debut from Westport’s latest smash hit summer program.

For more info, visit: TripleThreat.us

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