Moisturizers 101

How do you select your moisturizer? Do you grab the nearest alluring package from the store shelf? Are you a sucker for the latest “food delicacy for your face” among the likes of caviar, cocoa, or melon infused products? Do you impulsively call the 800 number to order the hyperbolic infomercial cream du jour? Do you think that a product has to be expensive to be the best?

Choosing the right products is essential. Here are my recommendations to keep your hands, face and eyes in tip-top shape.

Think about what purpose, what time of year and for use on what body location is the moisturizer intended? Wintertime can create rough body skin. A lactic acid containing product such as Amlactin can help.

Do you need a remedy for your hands that are dry, cracked, and fissured from frequently being in water? If so, try a thick protective skin cream found in a jar like Eucerin Cream or Cutemol Cream rather than a lotion in a squeeze bottle.

If you have a tendency toward eczema, then a barrier-repairing ceramide containing lotion like CeraVe is popular.

Combination facial skin does best with a light moisturizer containing glycerin and hyaluronic acid such as Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough serum.

For my delicate eye area and sensitive eyes I prefer bland creams. My favorite is Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Eye Cream.

If your taste flows toward the exotic, try Nuxe products from France. Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beautie Formula Light is made for combination skin, while their Prodigieuse is an intense cream to quench very dry skin. Contour des Yeux Prodigieux is Nuxe’s popular eye cream.

Julia Sabetta, MDJulia Sabetta. MD is the board certified Skin, Laser, Cosmetic, and Skin Cancer Surgeon. Dr. Sabetta was educated at Yale in Dermatology and at University of Pittsburgh in Dermatologic, Laser, Cosmetic, and Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer. Dr. Sabetta specializes in minimally-invasive long lasting skin improvement techniques including FRACTIONAL LASER RESURFACING COMBO for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, and in ULTHERAPY for non-invasive jowl lifting and neckline sculpting. Understanding the specific needs of each individual, Dr. Sabetta is passionate about giving each patient radiant, natural results balanced with safety and minimal downtime.

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