NeverNoT’s Gorgeous Gems Land in Westport

above left: Selection of NeverNoT 18k gold rings with blue and pink topaz central stones, diamonds, tsavorites and enamel, $3,235 – $7,870. above right: NeverNoT 18k yellow gold heart rings with pink and green neon enamel, $3,850.

The NeverNoT’s Co-Founders Nina Dzhokhadze and Natia Chkhartishvili answer our five burning questions about their cult-followed dazzling jewelry line NeverNoT.

You’re both Georgian-born and London-based friends, so tell us how that plays into your designs?

As founders we are based in two different countries — London where Nina is based and operates from our main office and the showroom, and Natia, who lives in Georgia. Even though we live so far from each other, we are in constant touch and work as a team 24/7, we see each other a lot during travels, often meeting in the airports and on the go.
Travel is the main inspiration for our designs. Easy to wear, day and night, pieces, which will accompany you wherever you go and make your day brighter and bolder with its color and fun.

What is the inspiration behind your high jewelry collection?
“Travel” is our latest high jewelry collection — fully inspired by visiting new destinations, seeing new places and meeting new people.

I am crazy about colourful sunglasses frames, that’s how the sunglasses necklaces idea came about, and Natia loves very distinctive suitcases in very bright colour and covered in stickers, so we chose suitcase and sunglasses as main characters of the collection, representing us, but also being very relatable to everyone who travels. We are bringing it to Westport in May!

left: NeverNoT selection of 18k yellow gold rings with malachite and diamonds, $3,235-$7,100. right: NeverNoT 18k yellow gold rings with pink, yellow and purple topaz central stones and vitreous enamel, $9,670.

Your collection is a true kaleidoscope of color. Why is that playfulness so important to you?

NeverNoT’s signature style is chunky, bright and bold jewelry with lots of color.

We predominantly use 18 karat yellow gold and semiprecious stones and diamonds, also combining with colorful enamel which became signature style of our pieces since 2018.

We love color and mixing and combining different combinations in our pieces are our joy and passion. Pieces need to be worn with fun, playfulness and not really taken very seriously and certainly not be hidden in the box.

Your collection travels the world? Tell us a bit about your summer plans and what you are bringing to Westport?

Our collection loves to travel! Especially to the USA, where the brand has majority of the retailers and loyal customers. Our summer plans will start straight with launching newest pieces end of May in Vegas at Couture jewelry show, with stopping for our big event in June in Santa Barbara, Miramar Rosewood Hotel and continuing with sunny travels and trunk shows through California and later NYC.

From July we can take well- deserved holidays and head to Sardinia, where Nina has a summer house and where all the friends and family and getting together for a big summer reunion.

How did you know Penfield Collective was the right partner?

We love the elevated, laid-back feel that Penfield Collective represents across their brands. When thinking about a retail partner for our first CT trunk show, we immediately thought that any of Penfield’s current offerings could provide the perfect base when choosing a NeverNot piece. The Westport women is fashion forward, colorful and playful — just like us!

left: NeverNoT 18k yellow gold ring with red garnet and enamel, $2,060. middle: NeverNoT 18k yellow gold earrings with malachite inlays, $7,300. right: NeverNoT 14k yellow gold eye necklace with blue topaz central stone and diamonds, $3,180.


May 21
11 AM-6 PM

Penfield Collective
Sconset Square
25 Myrtle Avenue, Westport

Nina Dzhokhadze
Personal Appearance

Photographs: courtesy of store/brand

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