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We all vow to fit more vegetables into our diets, but prepping plant-based meals that the whole family will love can be challenging. That’s where Plantidote Foods comes in. Started last year by Danielle Lutsky, a Greenwich mom of two, this small business cooks up delicious vegan burgers (and other items) that are simple to prepare and made only from whole, organic ingredients such as red lentils, quinoa, onions, carrots, celery and garlic. Each patty is packed with twelve grams of protein and contains no fillers or protein powder.

Danielle, who has been eating a mostly veggie-and-fruit-based diet throughout her life, experienced firsthand how plant-based eating helped her family, and that led her to create a line of plant-based foods. When her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, doctors initially said she couldn’t have chemotherapy due to her overall health issues (she had been living with M.S.). During this difficult time, the family surrounded her with loving support and helped her switch to a plant-based diet, bringing her green juices and preparing healthy meals. Doctors were so impressed with how her health improved that she was able to receive treatment.

Looking for a healhty, delicious and easy-to-prepare meal? Danielle Lutsky has got you covered. – Photographs: Portrait by Venera Alexandrova; contributed

In 2019, Danielle’s husband, an athlete who competes internationally and teaches jiu-jitsu, was looking to make changes in his diet to improve performance and help his body recover from the strain of repeated workouts. He found the plant-based diet to be a game changer and hasn’t looked back. He and Danielle worked to mix up a plant-based patty that was both nutrient-rich and very simple to prepare. Friends tasted their burgers and encouraged the pair to try selling them through the farmer’s markets. They did, and the response was huge: “We have sold out every time we’ve gone to the farmer’s market,” Danielle says.

What sets Plantidote apart from other burgers? Both the purity of ingredients and the taste, with four flavors (Original, Garlic- Cashew, Sesame-Ginger and Curry), plus seasonal versions based on what farmers are growing. “People get their texture fix, their protein fix, and there’s tons of fiber,” Danielle says. “I’m so happy to be able to give people a vegan patty that’s not fake meat, that tastes really good and is so easy to prepare.” The patties, which are sold frozen, can be cooked in just eight minutes. For fall, the seasonal flavor tastes a bit like stuffing, with roasted veggies, sage, rosemary, parsley and onion; another seasonal blend combines beets, dill, lemon and garlic. Besides being served as burgers or as a protein on top of salad greens, the patties can be used to make veggie tacos, tossed over pasta with tomato sauce or pesto, rolled with lasagna noodles, sauce and almond ricotta and fried for a vegan rollatini, with kale and other veggies over rice, among the many ideas. Check Plantidote’s Instagram for more easy recipes.

left: At home with the Lutskys: Demi, Jordan, Josephine and Danielle; right: Josephine enjoys her Plantidote dinner. – Photographs by Venera Alexandrova

Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market
Westport Farmer’s Market
New Canaan Farmer’s Market
Double L Market (Westport)
Mike’s Organic (Coming Soon to Greenwich)

You can also pick up an order from Plantidote’s kitchen in Rowayton, across the street from 314 Beer Garden.


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