Pub Crawl

The long-awaited day is finally almost here—a day of shamrocks, green beer, parades and leprechauns guarding their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. There’s no denying that everyone’s Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. So come out and enjoy a meal of authentic corned beef and wash it down with a cold, smooth Guinness. Here are some of the best pubs in and around Greenwich, with unbeatable atmospheres that undoubtedly keep Irish traditions alive.

MacDuff’s Public House

While MacDuff’s Public House offers an authentic Scottish pub atmosphere, any Celtic-inspired bar of this quality is the ultimate place to be on Saint Patrick’s Day. The friendly gathering place, which was started by the Sievwright brothers of Aberdeen, Scotland, offers its visitors traditional pub fare in the heart of Greenwich. Dedicated to upholding the country’s roots, the pub exudes a cozy atmosphere with live bagpipers clad in kilts, popular brunch specials and corned beef and cabbage…all year round! Be sure to check out their menu here.

Little Pub

Relax by the fire with a bottle of wine or your favorite craft beer at Little Pub—a rustic neighborhood gathering spot for all to enjoy. Perfectly combining a lively European pub atmosphere with a distinct coziness and warmth, this beloved restaurant in town is always bursting with positive energy, good food and stellar service, not to mention great company, too!

The Ginger Man

Located right on Greenwich Ave, The Ginger Man is the place to be for Fish and Chips on Saint Patrick’s Day, or any day, for that matter. The menu includes a wide variety of American and Irish-inspired choices, from a quick burger to delicious full-course meals, as well as an impressive global selection of beers. Between its welcoming, intimate ambiance and prime location right in the heart of town, it’s no wonder this pub is so popular. Hungry visitors can even order up a Guinness beef stew!

Tigín Irish Pub

Tigín is the Irish word for “small cottage,” which wholly describes the environment of this Celtic-inspired pub in Stamford. Encompassing both modern and traditional values, Tigín aims to provide a comforting escape for enjoying European sports, weekly trivia nights, authentic Irish dishes and, of course, incredible Saint Patrick’s Day parties with live music, beer and everything green. Click here for upcoming tickets and event details.

Center Street Public House

Faithfully following the original purpose of Irish pubs, Center Street Public House is all about creating a casual meeting place for friends and neighbors to socialize over a beer or whiskey and good food. Aiming to serve as the heart of the community, the pub invites all to raise their glasses for a toast to the past, present and future, and enjoy every moment to the fullest. This is certainly not hard to do, given the vast array of authentic Irish dishes on the menu, including a traditional Irish breakfast, served at any time. Love the smooth, rich taste of Guinness? This Irish staple makes for a wide variety of enjoyable drink combinations. Click here to see what Center Street Pub recommends.


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