Runway Hair

Guido photograph by Terry Tsiolis; All photographs contributed by Redken

What’s the trend in hair? Individuality.

Redken 5th Avenue NYC has created buzz-worthy runway looks for prestigious designers. To celebrate Alexander Wang’s tenth anniversary show, for example, Redken Global Creative Director Guido provided custom cuts for each model to enhance her uniqueness, thereby making a universal statement about beauty today. “There’s really not one singular idea of beauty anymore, which is great and liberating,” he notes. “It’s all about bringing out your personality and adding little nuances here and there that really make a look feel more special and unique.”

To get the look (even without the TLC of a Global Creative Director), wash hair with Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner; use fingers to create a natural part and allow hair to air dry; spray wind blown 05 dry finishing spray all over  to enhance your natural texture. Get strutting!

Runway Hair
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Guido on ten more unique looks he created for designers in the Spring/Summer 2016 NYFW shows…

  1. Runway Hair
    Lanvin: “The look at Lanvin is always about funky character and ease. The messy twist this season is very boyish and masculine, but the bow in the back adds an offness and ease that’s very Lanvin. It almost feels a little Leslie Caron. First, I sculpted a messy French twist using Redken’s new triple take 32 because I needed a very strong hairspray to create the shape I wanted. Then, I pinned it in place and pulled the ponytail up over the top of the head, laying the tail across the forehead to look like bangs, and finished by placing an imperfect bow in the back.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Dolce & Gabbana: “The look at Dolce this season is very soft and romantic. It’s very easy, almost like you were an American on holiday in Italy and you just threw your hair up for the evening. I used Redken’s wind blown 05 to get that gorgeous texture, and then gathered the hair up into a high ponytail, twisting it into a messy chignon. It’s very soft around the hairline with the little baby hairs pulled out, and I added just a bit of height at the crown to soften the silhouette. I finished the look by placing different types of crowns, scarves and beautiful hairpieces throughout the hair to enhance the charm.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Roberto Cavalli:
    “Peter has a great instinct about hair and about his woman. It’s kind of a tomboyish 80s look, like when girls were experimenting with their sexuality and maybe wanted a touch of the boy’s quiff. I created a deep side part and then blow-dried the hair with Redken’s guts 10 to create a slight peak in the front and long and straight in the back, so it’s a bit boy in the front and girl in the back.”
  1. Runway Hair
    “Mrs. Prada had this idea of ‘conservative eccentricity.’ It feels a bit 20s, but a bit 70s when women often had very tough, extreme looks, which makes a very strong statement on the runway. It’s a simple look that screams. First, I cut each of the girls’ bangs to frame their face, so each girl really has her own style. I cut very aggressive bangs on only five or six of the girls, and it works because part of being a Prada girl is embracing the moment. I used Redken’s hardwear 16 to give some finish and toughness to the bangs, and then used Redken’s forceful 23 hairspray to slick the hair back into a simple ponytail, accentuating the head shape, which adds a sense of ease and boyishness to the finished look.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Alberta Ferretti:
    “The Alberta Ferretti woman is always very beautiful and feminine, and this look is exactly that. It’s a little late-70s or early-80s feeling with the soft hairlines and a little bit of height at the top, but overall it’s very simple. Redken’s wind blown 05  was the main product I used because it gives you some friction and texture when creating these sorts of updos—it makes the hair very manageable to work with. I twisted the back section up so that it’s very loose and soft, almost like the girls were playing with their hair and then just kind of pulled it up, and then twisted the front pieces back around the head, accentuating it with the gold thread so it’s almost like a bit of jewelry in the hair.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Marc Jacobs:
    “The hair at Marc Jacobs has a bit of a 40s feeling to it because of the shape and the wave in the front, but it feels very modern because of the texture, which I created using a combination of products to get a shiny, almost wet look. It’s almost like the girl did it herself in some ways—it’s very raw and young which gives it sort of a punk-y feeling as well. I applied Redken guts 10 to the roots of the hair to get that thick, almost undesirable texture, and then used my hands to create the disheveled, asymmetrical shape with bits of hair sticking out. I used a hair clip and Redken’s forceful 23 hairspray to hold the style, so in some ways its super feminine, but in a very downtown, modern way.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Ralph Lauren:
    “The Ralph Lauren woman is always very classic and luxurious, so the hair is super simple and beautiful with this rich texture since it was just washed. A few of the girls have their hair pulled back into ponytails just because Ralph likes some of the girls with their hair pulled back, but they still have that gorgeous, rich texture. I started by shampooing each of the girls’ hair with Redken’s All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner, and then created a natural center part with my fingers and let it dry naturally. A lot of the girls already have that beautiful glow and natural texture in their hair, so I just enhanced it using Redken’s wind blown 05, focusing on the roots to give it a slight lift, and then went in with a curling iron to add a little more movement if needed.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Hugo Boss: 
    “Hugo Boss beauty is always very simple and clean, but there is a progression every season, so it always feels modern and updated. This season, the woman is very intelligent and sophisticated, maybe a little artsy, and there’s a little reference to the mid-90s with the minimalistic look. First I blow-dried the hair using Redken’s pillow proof blow dry express primer for heat protection and the new glow dry to give it that super smooth, shiny texture. Then I pulled the hair back into a low, sleek ponytail, keeping the hairline very clean around the face, and secured with an elastic.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Oscar De La Renta:
    “The look at Oscar De La Renta this season is all about softness, richness, ease and sophistication. It’s amazing how effective a ponytail can still look today, and how a beautiful, simple style can say so much. Before blow-drying the hair, I prepped it with Redken’s pillow proof blow dry express primer and satinwear 02 to protect it from the heat and get that rich, silky texture. The very short part gives a little bit of height in the back, which gives a softer silhouette. I tied a piece of ribbon with one loop, so it isn’t a full bow, around the ponytail, so it feels very romantic and feminine. It’s amazing how a little bit of ribbon can change a simple ponytail into something much more poetic and special.”
  1. Runway Hair
    Victoria Beckham:
    “Victoria is a very modern designer and she likes a very simple, easy sophisticated look. It’s very soft and pretty, but quite modern, without any specific references. First, I created a natural off-center part with my fingers so there’s an ease to it. Then, I blow-dried the hair with Redken’s satinwear 02 to get this great, smooth texture, and then twisted it back into a low bun, so that when you let it down it has this beautiful, natural movement with control around the head shape. Then, I just tucked the hair behind the ears and applied Redken’s new glow dry throughout the length to put a little bit of shine in the hair and get rid of any flyaways.”




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