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If you’re looking for a fun, innovative workout that burns serious calories, check out Club Sweat. The founder Laura Laboissonniere, who also owns Pure Barre franchises in Westport and Fairfield, is a fitness enthusiast originally from Florida. She’s created an exercise routine on specially designed cross trainers that she calls the Mercedes of ellipticals.

“I did some research and there was nothing really happening with ellipticals,” she explains. The workout blends cardio and strength training into an efficient forty-five-minute session that’s set to music. Laura has been taking early client feedback as she’s rolled out the new classes, so she’s been able to tweak the program to make it even more effective. In this time of COVID, class size is limited and machines are set at a distance. Prefer an at-home workout? Anyone can try Club Sweat classes via FORTË, a service that streams live and on-demand boutique fitness classes. Club Sweat has rented some of their elliptical machines to clients or you can also purchase one for your home gym.

Here are a few of the benefits and features of this popular new workout.

Like a Barry’s Bootcamp or Soul Cycle for ellipticals, Club Sweat involves working out at different levels, tapping the resistance up and down to increase (or decrease) the challenge as the instructor guides you. This allows a wide range of people to enjoy and benefit from the same class. One may be working at a more intense pace while others are taking it slower, but they all get a great workout.

While on the elliptical you work with small dumbbells to add a strength-training component. You’re always moving and working different body parts. Since you’re maintaining balance as you stand and glide, you get a core workout at the same time.

Who knew you could do squats and push-ups while on an elliptical? It’s true, and these moves are effective and intense.

Once you get through a class—whether it’s the original Sweat 45 (all on elliptical) or Strength or Stretch 50—you’ll receive an email with your performance summary. It tells you calories burned, distance, average RPMs and more.

1345 East Putnam Avenue, second floor, 203-344-1193; club-sweat.com

COVID-19 Protocol

• 50 percent reduced class capacity
• Clients spaced eight feet apart
• No shared equipment
• Temperature check-in upon arrival
• Masks remain on until you arrive at your station

Laura Laboissonniere (third from left) at Club Sweat

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