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With everything you can do on your phone, from ordering rides to ordering dinner, it’s no surprise that home care services are joining the fray. For JP McHale Pest Management, a leader of pest control for over 35 years, their latest Pest Solutions app is both another tool in their arsenal of innovation and an extension of their commitment to customer service. “One of our core, timeless principles centers around elevating the client experience,” says president Jim McHale. “Innovating around edges of our clients’ journey adds tremendous value, making it very easy to do business with JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.” Forget about waiting on hold for help with your pest control questions. The app, which took six months to develop and is available for all your handheld devices, can help you schedule appointments and is crawling with other special features. We tapped Jim on his favorite aspects of the app (get your camera ready!) and how it can help you upgrade your life.

What are the features of the app?
A client can schedule an immediate appointment, send us a photo of a pest condition, refer a friend, leave a note for an arriving technician, deliver feedback on their experience and receive push button notifications. A new feature will enable a technician to notify a client he or she is en route. It fits into our client experience goals and philosophy by keeping things simple. Simplify, Amplify, Exemplify. It is not about killing bugs better than the next provider. Value is captured along the client journey, at every touch point.

What’s your favorite feature of the app?
My personal favorite feature on this app is the clients’ ability to send us a photo for a quick pest condition identification. At every event I attend someone will approach me with a “crazy pest encounter.” They attempt to describe or tell a story but sometimes cannot recall exact details. Now that problem is solved! Our experts can respond with biological, technical and harborage insight. Customized mitigation can begin immediately.

Can you describe the Un-bug a Friend option?
Most of our new inquiries come from extremely happy, current clients. We have a robust marketing budget, however, when we examine how we obtain most of our new business, referrals are consistently top of the list. This feature enables a current client to refer a friend, receive monetary credit and capture a discounted rate for their friend! We make them look like a hero, as they should. They are assured to be rewarded for their effort. It’s a win-win!

How do clients book an appointment with a pest control specialist?
They are directed to the appropriate component on the app. Options and service windows are provided. Clients can choose a date and time they desire. Our team confirms the appointment with an email. Clients then will receive a push button notification when the technician is on their way! Remember, if our client has to leave, they can post a note for an arriving technician to document activity, tell them where a key is located or disclose special instructions.

What kind of alerts or news do you send with the app?
We are careful not to spam our clients with unnecessary notifications. I want to help them, not bother them. As of now we only send carefully timed notifications about deer tick pressure, reproductive termite swarm activity and arriving technicians to your home or business. Pest-related health threat alerts to create awareness. The app is viewed as a tool to elevate our client’s experience. Not a marketing pathway for us.

Download the app!

JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.


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