Tips on Tipping

Sure, you know to tip the doorman a few bucks for each bag he delivers to your room. But how much do you give the concierge that got you tickets to a sold-out show? Or the housekeeper who makes everything just so? Does greasing the palm of the check-in clerk get you a room upgrade? We find out.

Yes, the Bentley is typically free and used on a first-come-first-served basis, but don’t you dare step out like a player without slipping your driver at least a $20, especially if you want him to come back for you.

Pro tip: You want those primo chairs facing the beach that are perfectly positioned in the sun without having to race down and “claim” them with your towel at 7 a.m.? Tip the pool attendant $10 to $20 the night before, point out the chairs you covet, and the next morning you will have your “reserved” spot waiting for you. Regardless, don’t forget to slip them a few dollars for setting you up every day—it’s appreciated and just a nice thing to do.

According to our research, absolutely no one tips under $3, and $5 is the norm. If you’ve been slipping them a single, they have probably been talking about you, and it wasn’t nice.

If they book dinner for you around the corner and give a little advice on where to get a nice box of chocolates for your mother-in-law, you should hand over $5 to $10. As a thank-you for those impossible-to-get tickets and over-the-top service, a minimun of $20 is appropriate.

These hardworking souls are often overlooked, as in they don’t have an outstretched hand for simply hailing a taxi, but they cleaned your toilet and organized your makeup. Leave $3 to $5 per day if you’re not messy, and leave it on the pillow so they know it’s a tip. Staying in a suite? Tip at least $10. Pro tip: Leave a nice note with your tip asking for extra bottles of the fancy soap (you know you want some), and they will gladly hook you up.

This is a tricky one. We’ve heard of front desk attendants that refuse tips and those that gladly accept them in return for upgrades. Our motto? It never hurts to try; ask for something “a little nicer if there’s availability” while dropping a $50 bill. Chances are you’ll at least end up on the club level.



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