Westport’s Marvelous Mocktails

above left: Nomâde’s Spicy Mocktailrita is a perfect replica of the wildly popular spicy margarita, complete with a tajin rim; above right: Casa Me’s cocktail menu features the Menta Be, a refreshing, alcohol-free cucumber lime spritz, with a hint of mint.

Studio Café’s co-owner Scott Falciglia has been on a personal journey, studying tonics and elixirs and recently revamped the café’s beverage selection to reflect its role as the Drinkery of Westport. “Non alcoholic beverages play a significant role in building community,” he says of the cafe’s expanded selection of non alcoholic drinks, wines and beer. The robust menu includes drink descriptions and tasting notes to educate guests, offering an excellent introduction to the variety of brands and taste profiles represented in NA spirits.

Nomâde uses CleanCo non alcoholic spirits that truly stand up to the multiple ingredients in popular-selling cocktails. “We have a lot of sweet sixteen parties, baby showers and our guests are very happy when they see our [mocktail] selection,” says Patrick Jean.

Studio Cafe’s Zesty Zephyr is an orange-forward, herbal elixir offering a revitalizing boost

Local Westport resident and lifestyle writer Julia Dzafic, also known on Instagram as Lemon Stripes, has been ahead of this trend for some time. “Having a mocktail feels empowering to me because I spent so many years of my life feeling pressured to drink alcohol when I didn’t always want to. These days, I drink once in a while when I feel like it, but love knowing that I have other options.”

Mocktails are a great way for those who look to achieve moderation — whether in terms of alcohol or calorie consumption — without hindering the convivial spirit of dining out. I encourage you to ask questions, learn more about how to use NA spirits from your local bar staff and visit your favorite liquor store to start experimenting at home. When you’re entertaining at home this summer, consider offering these NA spirits to your guests. You may just find that you’ve taken your hospitality to a whole new level. Cheers!

Photographs: Andrea Carson, Studio Café and Casa Me

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