Winter Green

Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet, but the crocuses and daffodils will be peeking out of the soil before you know it. In the meantime, give yourself and your home some help through the last cold snap with these easy-care plant and bulb arrangements, suggested by Madeline Macanka, owner of Bon Fleur floral boutique on East Avenue in New Canaan. “The benefits of bringing blooming and green plants into your home are multifaceted,” she says. “Plants purify and cleanse the air, and their color gives a visual boost.”


Bulbs are ubiquitous at supermarkets, flower shops and garden centers this time of year. With a potted bulb, you can place the container into a clear cylindrical vase and stack up dark river rocks or another filler of your choice until they just cover the bottom of the bulb. Tuck green moss into spaces between the rocks and water once a week, about 3/4 cup each time. After the blossoms die, store bulbs in a pot in a cool, dry place. Replant them in soil once the weather warms up.

Unlike other ferns, this plant with a fun, curly texture and bright chartreuse hue won’t shed and only needs to be watered once every eight days. Keep in
a bright, warm place.

This unique, low-maintenance plant can be placed in any simple container and watered once every two weeks. The palm grows steadily, so you won’t have to replant often, and its long, flowing tendrils and trunk are beautifully sculptural. Place in a sunny spot.


Available at most nurseries or florists, these pretty mini trees look great planted in a rustic, reclaimed wooden box or simple container and will fill your home with a fresh, citrusy scent. Add some sheet or Spanish moss to the planter, and top with pebbles or river rocks. Place in a bright, sunny spot and water generously.


Requiring a little more care than these other plants, this trailing climber with feathery, lacy foliage needs a very sunny windowsill. Water once every five to seven days; add a bloom-busting fertilizer to keep it going. Purchase jasmine on a mini trellis, where it will stay self-contained. Its summer fragrance will remind you of warmer climes.



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