Celebrity Hairstylist Becker Chicaiza is Making Waves in Greenwich

above: Greenwich-based Becker Chicaiza salon boasts an all-white interior known for its iconic circular mirrors

Often asked for recommendations for cut and color I took a day trip to Greenwich to experience for myself the cult-followed Becker Chicaiza who is know for the #twistandtexture haircut, defining the likes of Sarah Paulson’s color and creating viral trending videos with his hair cutting techniques. We’re transporting you to our cozy and exclusive visit to the super luxe salon for cut, color, treatments and extensions and to bring my very unhealthy hair to shiny, spectacular and seriously full of volume.

The gateway to the Becker experience begins with the signature “B” handles.

Upon entering with truly unhealthy hair, we knew a cut was in order, some balayage to add some depth and treatments to restore drab to fab. I wasn’t prepared for the extensions but honestly it was the best part.

Then, we talked products; my favorite topic. His own proprietary BE CHIC line ranges from masks to signature shampoos, oils to texture spray and I went home with absolutely everything I need to maintain my new hair with a foolproof playbook.

Tell us a bit about how you got your start in the industry?

I always wanted to be a hairstylist since I was a little kid in Ecuador. I finally made it happen when a friend asked me to come join him in Paris, where I started working alongside the legendary Alexandre de Paris, whose glamorous clientele included royalty like the Duchess of Windsor the Queen of Jordan and silver screen icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Catherine Deneuve. My grand mentor saw something in me right away and put me on the floor immediately versus the typical 5- to 10-year assistant pre-requisite. It was a dream. Eventually, I made my way to the States, and it didn’t start out as glamorous: working at a country club, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, then busing tables. But I worked hard to achieve the American dream.One day I stopped in at a salon on Greenwich Avenue, and—long story short—it was the beginning of climbing my way up here. I never outright told people about my Paris background. I just put my head down and worked hard and learned. I continue to work hard and learn until this day to create more and never lose inspiration.

Becker created BE CHIC Haircare to unclutter clients’ daily beauty..

What styles are most of your clients coming to you now for?

Dimensional balayage color, glamorous blowouts and my layered haircut. I’m known as the original creator of the #twistandtexture cut, a technique that creates movement, ease of styling and personalized volume—if you have fine hair, I’ll make your hair look denser; if you have dense hair, I’ll make it more manageable with chic volume.

Tell us about the Becker Chicaiza experience?

It’s therapeutic. It’s about you. Everyone is so busy; when you’re in my chair, it’s your time to slow down and be a human being and just be in the experience—be chic! Ialways start every visit by asking, “How you feel?” because I want to know how my clients—who I call my “Becker Babes”—are doing in the moment and, ultimately, how Ican help them feel more confident inside as well as out!

Plant-powered BE CHIC products are cleanly formulated and 100% Vegan certified when appropriate.

You launched your own product line. Tell us about the lineup.

I created BE CHIC Hair Care to be your hair essentials: completely uncomplicated and all you need. All formulas contain high-quality, plant-derived ingredients that perform to give hair truly healthy benefits. It’s a streamlined lineup of five products: Signature Shampoo and Signature Conditioner, which work universally on all hair types; Hydrating Hair Masque for intensive repair and treatment; Hair Oil, which can be used as a scalp treatment, heat protectant, gloss sealer and more; and Texture Spray, a part volumizer, part texturizer that can also be used as a healthy alternative to dry shampoo. All products are cleanly made and, when possible, 100% vegan certified.

How has social media played into your brand and where can we follow you?

Social media took the brand from Greenwich to global. It’s crazy how much visibility we have, but it’s created amazing opportunity. We travel across the country and do pop- ups to satisfy demand. With BE CHIC Hair Care, social media awareness has caused the brand to be accessible internationally now. With more than 1 million Becker Babes following us, you can find us on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Meta, all under Becker Chicaiza.

With just five products, the lineup works universally on all hair types and textures

Are you finding a lot of your clients are coming to Greenwich for the day to see you?

Yes, clients will travel from all corners of the globe: Kuwait, Monaco Paris San Francisco—you name it! People have even driven in from Wisconsin. On the other hand, I’ve had clients fly me out as well. The royal family in Kuwait rented the Plaza Hotel Salon to have me cut and color. I’m always ready to help my clients be chic!

380 Greenwich Avenue, 2nd Floor
Greenwich, CT 06830

Star Power

Becker reveals some of the celebrity names that have called his salon chair home …..

“I love all my clients, of course. But I have worked with some celebrities, including Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Paulson, Ian Ziering, Judge Judy, Diane Lane and Jennifer Lopez.”

Becker with 90210 alum Ian Ziering.
Actress Sarah Paulson with her favorite BE CHIC product, Hydrating Hair Masque.
Becker and designer Tommy Hilfiger after a haircut

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