Horseneck Wines & Liquors

The folks at Horseneck Liquors are beverage geniuses when it comes to making sure you don’t come up short at your next party. In the summer months (think graduations, bridal showers, pool parties), owner Terry Rogers and her staff are busy working out logistics for ten-plus fetes a week. We asked her for tips on buying for a summer cocktail shindig.
25 East Putnam Ave., 203-869-8944;

“How long will it last? What is the age of the crowd? Are you serving a specialty drink? Will people be coming and going or staying for the whole event?”

White wine trumps red, especially in summer. Forget Champagne; these days Prosecco is the sparkling drink of choice, light Provencal rose is the chic go-to aperitif, and vodka consumption has tripled in recent years. “If you’re having a cocktail party for ninety people, no speeches, two hours outside, you’ll want at least three to four bottles of vodka, and a bottle each of bourbon, Scotch and gin. Plan on ½ bottle of wine per person and a case and a half of Prosecco.”

“Mixers, ice and beer. People always forget beer. Regular and light. A 12-pack of each.”


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