Little Pub

Above: Going to Graceland burger – Photograph: Gus Cantavero

With three restaurants in Fairfield County, including the newest in Cos Cob, which opened last summer, Little Pub’s executive chef Tim Passarro knows a thing or two about creating a great burger—about 3,000 a week. We asked Chef Tim for tips on replicating Little Pub’s iconic patty at home. 531 East Putnam Ave., 203-717-1147;

“The three most important elements are the meat (80/20 good ground chuck), the temperature of the grill (hot), and the seasonings (salt, pepper, onions and garlic). Little Pub’s special blend uses seven or eight different kinds of pepper,” he explains.

Although Chef Tim likes his home-grilled burgers on the no-fuss side—“a Kraft single, a piece of crisp lettuce, a potato bun and I’m set,” here he offers the recipe for a Little Pub fave, Going to Graceland. “You’ll need aged cheddar cheese, cherry- or applewood smoked bacon, grilled bananas (cut them in half lengthwise and then in half again, and heat them through quickly), and a Thai peanut sauce (store-bought is fine). A nice Hawaiian bun or a brioche adds a little sweetness,” he says. “Make the patty bigger than the bun to allow for shrinkage, and don’t over-handle the meat. The warmth of your hands can melt the fat.”



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