Shea McGee X Kohler Lands In Westport

above: Ann Sacks’ new collection with Studio McGee Collection features two finely executed porcelain designs and an intricate stone mosaic, each incorporating McGee’s distinctive style that speaks to a range of tastes and lifestyles. You can purchase the collection at Kohler’s Signature Store right here in Westport or on

How exciting for Westport that we have a Kohler Showroom here that will feature your latest collaboration. Can you tell us how Studio McGee X Kohler came about?

I’ve been a fan of the Kohler brand for a long time and have used their products in many of my design projects throughout the years, both in our Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover, and my own home. I threw out the idea of collaborating with Kohler, and I was thrilled when their team was equally as excited about the idea. Once the collaboration officially began, the first thing we did was dig through all of the beautiful Kohler archives. I wanted to find the perfect vintage inspirations to build a modern yet timeless collection.

Tell us a bit about the overall inspiration behind the collaboration?
I am always drawn to classic shapes and styles; pieces that will stand the test of time. When designing homes, my goal is to bridge classic and current. I approached this collection the same way. I wanted to design a collection of fixtures that were rooted in history, but transitional enough to pair with a wide range of unique design styles. Kohler has a rich history with decades of archives, and they were a wealth of inspiration during the design process. We’ve pulled subtle details like coining, engravings and ribbed textures from the past, and connected them with the functionality of the present.

Share with us your aesthetic and vision for Studio McGee?
I always prioritize timeless designs that can withstand the everyday wear and tear of your home. I love to mix styles and throw in little historical details wherever I can. I would definitely say my aesthetic leans toward clean, classic spaces that exude a sense of warmth.

How many pieces are in the kitchen and bath collection?
The collection includes six distinct product lines. One kitchen faucet collection (Edalyn™ Kitchen Faucets), one bathroom faucet collection (Castia™ Bathroom Faucets and Accessories), two vanity collections (Malin™ and Seagrove™ Vanities), and two lighting collections (Embra™ and Kernen™ Lighting).

The launch of this collaboration with Kohler the next evolution for your brand. How did the design tiles from Ann Sack factor in?
As we were considering bathroom and kitchen spaces through plumbing, it was a natural transition to carry the classic meets current sensibility into a tile line with Ann Sacks.

What’s on the horizon for Studio McGee?
Currently, we’re focused on celebrating our book launch! The Art of Home is a culmination of nearly ten years’ worth of work and we’ve been focused on that milestone for quite a while. In the next year, we have back-to-back project installs and reveals. I’m excited to get fresh, new work out there and share a major update to my own home.

I am always looking to bridge classic and current, I want each piece of our collection to be able to age with its owner, becoming an heirloom feature of a home that passes amongst generations. – SHEA MCGEE

Insights from Shea McGee on her collaboration with Kohler

I’ve always been a fan of the quality and craftsmanship that Kohler adheres to. You can tell that it’s a fixture that will stand the test of time,” says Shea McGee. “For my own collection, I went deep into the Kohler archives to find some of the historical details and styling that make a fixture timeless. From there, I gave them modern updates for a mix that’s uniquely Studio McGee.


Kernen™ Lighting Collection. right: Embra™ Lighting Collection.

Kitchen Faucets

Edalyn™ Kitchen Faucet Collection.

Bathroom Collection

Castia™ Bathroom Faucet and Accessory Collection.


Malin™ Vanity Collection. below: Seagrove™ Vanity Collection.

Images courtesy of Kohler Co.

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