The Best Doughnut Shops in Fairfield County

Your search for the best doughnut shops in Fairfield County ends here. As pastry superfans, we have our own opinions about where to get the best old fashioned, glazed, and cake donuts.

But, we also took it one step further, and include doughnut shops nominated in our “best of the Gold Coast” awards, along with bakeries our editors have vetted for stories and reviews over the years. After culling the crullers, here are our picks for the best doughnut shops in the area.

The Best Doughnut Shops in Fairfield County

1. Donut Crazy, Westport

If you’re looking for donuts for a special occasion, like a birthday party or an office celebration, Donut Crazy is the spot to go. Their large specialty doughnuts are an impressive treat, both visually and edibly speaking. The shop offers a daily menu, which features the regular selection of simpler options like glazed cake and apple cinnamon, along with a rotating monthly menu of “Donut Crazies,” which feature creative concoctions like “Fat Linzer,” a raised yeast shell filled with banana cream, dipped in peanut butter and topped with Oreo crumbs drizzled with chocolate. 

2. Elm Street Diner, Norwalk

Unlike many things on the Elm Street Diner’s over-the-top menu, the Norwalk favorite serves up doughnuts that are surprisingly simple. The restaurant offers two donut varieties daily, a homemade old fashioned cinnamon cake doughnut, and a Nutella version, plus a rotating specialty flavor.

3. Stylish Spoon, South Norwalk

No need to skip the doughnut indulgence if you’ve got food allergies or dietary restrictions. Stylish Spoon, i Norwalk, offers grain-free, vegan, soy-free doughnuts that are still positively delicious.

4. So Fresh Doughnut Co, Stamford

Image via So Fresh Doughnut Co

The one problem with gourmet doughnuts, if you could call it a problem, is that they’re often massive. So Fresh Doughnut Co is the solution. They peg their offerings as “The doughnut you don’t have to share.” These made-fresh mini doughnuts pack big flavors like Fruity Pebbler and Glazed Pumpkin, along with traditional picks like Old-Fashioned Powdered and Chocolate Frosted.

5. Lakeside Diner, Stamford

From the outside, this unassuming restaurant looks like any other diner, but locals know that it’s also one of the best spots within 100 miles to enjoy a doughnut, which are made fresh every day. 

6. Uncle Leo’s Not Just Coffee and Donuts, Wilton

This quaint breakfast restaurant in the Georgetown section of Wilton serves up some of the best jelly doughnuts we’ve had anywhere. If you prefer the modern, more inventive flavors, though, you’ll also find options like Bacon Maple Glazed on the list of more than 20 doughnut offerings.

7. Silverman’s Farm, Easton

OK, so Silverman’s Farm is a farm. It’s not a doughnut shop, per se. But, it’s one of a few places in Fairfield County that serves up fresh-made cider doughnut all year round. So if you’re got a hankering for the fall favorite in the middle of May? You know where to go.

8. Coffee an’ Donut Shop, Westport

For a fresh-made alternative to New England’s favorite donut chain, try Coffee an’ Donut shop in Westport. The locally owned business served up fresh, tridiagonal donuts daily, plus strong coffee and satisfying breakfast sandwiches. One note: It’s cash only, so come prepared.

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