A Cocktail Fit for a King

Raise a glass to history and honor King Charles III with a royal cocktail released from a Connecticut based company with British roots, Highclere Castle Gin. It is rumored his Majesty has two favorite spirits, gin and scotch and the Highclere team has created a masterpiece by combining the two. Who would have thought that the coronation of the century would have needed its own cocktail, crafted in Connecticut no less and rightly named, “The King Charles”.  The cocktail will be released in late March, but here is a sneak peek to the recipe in advance of his Majesty’s coronation this coming May.

Highclere Castle Spirits was founded by CT entrepreneur, Adam von Gootkin, who we might call a “Connecticut Yankee in King Charles Court.” He forged a special partnership with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, owners of Highclere Castle in England. You may recognize this famous castle, known to millions of fans as the shooting location for the Emmy award-winning TV show and motion picture, Downton Abbey.  Highclere has a unique tie to the royal family with the owner of the castle and gin co-founder, Lord Carnarvon being godson to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Both Lord & Lady Carnarvon are no strangers to our New England shores and have visited our Nutmeg State and New York on many occasions.

photo credit: Lisa Nichols


This ridiculously smooth gin launched in 2019 and is available in many of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world. Our local gold coast was selected by Highclere Castle Gin as an early market adopter for the release and promotion of this royal cocktail because of the unique commitment to hospitality and cocktail culture in our area. If you’re looking to taste this gin gem, Highclere Castle Gin will be featured at the premiere party with Greenwich Restaurant Week at the J House on March 28th from 6-8:30pm.  Attendees at the event will be amongst the first in the world to taste this cocktail fit for a king.  Tickets are available at https://mofflylifestylemedia.com/greenwich-restaurant-week/

Highclere Castle Spirits maintains offices at the castle with the global headquarters located right here in Essex, CT.  This gin has rapidly won over 100 global spirit awards and is distilled in England’s oldest gin distillery using botanicals grown on Highclere’s famous estate. The citrus forward gin backs down on the juniper creating a modern flavor profile that is exceptionally smooth and elevates cocktails to a point of supreme luxury. You can snag yourself a bottle for $30-$40 available for purchase on their website at www.HighclereCastleGin.com as well as in liquor stores around the country.

Lord and Lady Carnarvon with Regina and Adam von Gootkin

Enjoying this unique spirit will bring legions of gin lovers as close as possible to royal celebrations taking place throughout the United Kingdom and around the world.

Highclere Castle Gin went viral and made global headlines in 2020 partnering with award-winning Connecticut restaurant, Grano Arso, nestled in the charming village of Chester, CT.  The gin and restaurant partnered to create the most luxurious cocktail in the country and the first to incorporate caviar with a price point of $99.00.  A portion of the cocktail proceeds went to a local Connecticut charity.  Highclere Castle Gin is no stranger to creating extreme cocktail concepts, tantalizing our taste buds.

We thought about including the cocktail recipe for “The King Charles”, but very much like the crown jewels, you have to see to believe it….


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