Lux Bond & Green Westport Gets an Overhaul

We know there are many new shiny objects on Westport’s Main Street to grab your attention—new furniture stores, new athleticwear stores, new restaurants and so forth. Along with all of the new stops, shoppers will also notice renovated favorites. One of the most recent is the completely redesigned Lux Bond & Green (see all locations at store. Not just polished, it was overhauled—and has never looked better.

With 125 years of experience, the business is deeply rooted in Connecticut. Since it was established, in 1898, it has remained in the family and dedicated to fine diamonds, jewelry, watches and gifts. The Westport location celebrated its new look with a friendly, yet official, ribbon cutting. President and CEO John Green gave the honors to Westport First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker. Inside, guests enjoyed an exclusive sneak peek of the work of Jay Stabach, architect at ID3A. The Rolex Suite, with watches on display and a private room for a closer look of the top selections, is a particularly impressive addition.

We caught up with John Green to ask a few questions about all things shiny and bright.

An overview of the main shopping area, with display cases of designer diamond jewelry, gems, watches and gifts

How long has LB&G had a store in Westport?
We have been a Connecticut company since 1898, since our great-grandfather opened his first store, and opened our Westport location in 1996.

Why did you decide to renovate this store?
Shopping is evolving. The customer’s journey has evolved, and we wanted to make sure everyone feels good about shopping with Lux Bond & Green. Our focus on the smartest ways to communicate with our customer, and allowing our customers to shop the way they want to shop has become more important. From rebuilding our website to make searching, shopping and educating easier, to a new inventory system for improved technology, to a relaxed and exciting environment within our store, this renovation was needed.

When did the project start?
The project was designed over two years ago with a challenged supply chain, which meant greater planning. Making sure everything is organized is both a challenge as well as an opportunity, and having a fantastic and understanding staff, a great architect and general contractor are vital to a seamless workflow.

The entry to the Westport location, which opened in 1996

Some of the biggest changes?
The addition of a dedicated Rolex corner, and the addition of Tudor watches and our expanded diamond department. Plus, there are seating areas for relaxing. Our dedication to hospitality is ensuring that your time in the store is truly enjoyable.

The Rolex suite is gorgeous—tell us more.
These are the latest designs from the world of Rolex, from their iconic aqua glass, to a wall highlighting the many features of a Rolex dial, and a private room to make the journey of purchasing and learning about the most exemplary watch brand in the world relaxing.

Anything else to add?
As experts in diamonds, jewelry and watches, we understand our responsibility to our customers. We have been a part of the Westport community since 1996, and, as a multigenerational family business, we appreciate the support and trust that our customers have shown us.

The Rolex suite for private viewing is sophisticated, soothing and expertly lit to help shoppers make final selections.

Photographs by Vidler Photography

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